Vincent van Gogh - Old Man in Sorrow (On the Threshold of Eternity) (1890)

Damien Hirst, The Anatomy of an Angel, 2008 (detail)


Snow Eyes


"Although it may seem that most Goddess aspects are that of the Mother, there is no other image better associated with the Witch than the Crone. Most defamed throughout the ages, words like “Crone” and “Hag” are often used as insults to describe someone who is old and ugly. This is more of the old patriarchal attempt to strip away women’s power and Witches’ power. After all, the Crone is the most powerful of all, having gained all the wisdom of the years within her aging body. The Crone is the village wise woman, the healer and the teacher of all teachers. None move forward without first seeking her council. None can properly prepare to pass through the gates of death and rebirth without first taking her hand. It is she who holds the key to the mysteries beyond what we can grasp with the hand of mortal flesh. It is for this reason that some fear her, thinking her a vengeful spirit who rides the wind cackling and looking for souls.” ― David Salisbury The Deep Heart of Witchcraft: Expanding the Core of Magickal Practice Image Credit: Autumn Skye Morrison
I look for you in everyone.
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